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How do I remove Bulma from a SAFE project?

  1. Remove / replace all the references to Bulma in fsharp code

  2. Remove any stylesheet links to Bulma which may exist in the index.html page, or in other html pages.

  3. Optional: If using Paket ensure Fable.Core is set to a specified version.

    In paket.dependencies, make sure there is a line like so: Fable.Core ~> 3


    SAFE is not yet compatible with newer versions of Fable.Core.
    In the past, the version was not pinned so it was possible to accidentally upgrade to an incompatible version.


    To avoid specifying a version when adding a dependency - if it is not already pinned to a specific version - you can use the --keep-major flag to make the upgrade more conservative.

  4. Remove Fulma and Feliz.Bulma

    • Paket:

      dotnet paket remove Fulma
      dotnet paket remove Feliz.Bulma

    • NuGet:

      cd src/Client
      dotnet remove package Fulma
      dotnet remove package Feliz.Bulma