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Elmish in SAFE

What is Elmish?

Elmish is a library for building single page applications in F#, following the model-view-update architecture made famous by Elm.

The following diagram is a simplified, high-level view of the MVU pattern. Model in this case refers to your application's state, with Update and View the two functions that handle the flow of messaging. If you wish to read more, we also recommend reading the excellent Elmish Book.

stateDiagram-v2 [*] --> Update : Current model and Command Update --> View : Updated model View --> [*] : HTML rendered on page

How does Elmish integrate with SAFE?

Elmish is the library used to build the front-end application in SAFE and that application is compiled to JavaScript by Fable to run in the browser. The SAFE Stack template comes pre-bundled with the Elmish React module, which (as the name suggests) uses the React library to handle the heavy lifting of modifyng the DOM in an efficient way. This allow us to use the pure functional style of the MVU pattern whilst still retaining the ability to have a highly performant user interface.

Because Elmish works alongside React, it is possible to use the vast number of available React components from the JavaScript ecosystem within our Elmish applications.

This conceptual diagram illustrates how the different pieces of Elmish, React and Fable fit together to make the front-end part of your SAFE application which runs in the browser.

flowchart RL subgraph Browser React(React - Handles DOM updates) Fable(Fable - Translates F# to JS) ER(Elmish React - Elmish to React bridge) Elmish(Elmish - Provides MVU abstractions) You(Your F# domain logic) You --- Elmish --- ER --- Fable --- React end

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