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How do I migrate from a CDN stylesheet to an NPM package?

Though the SAFE template default for referencing a stylesheet is to use a CDN, it’s quite reasonable to want to use an NPM package instead. One common case is that it enables you to further customise Bulma themes by overriding Sass variables.

1. Remove the CDN Reference

Find the following line in src/Client/index.html and delete it before moving on:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

2. Add the NPM Package

Go ahead and add the Bulma NPM package to your project.

See: How do I add an NPM package to the client?

3. Load the Stylesheets

There are two ways for loading the stylesheets:

Fable Interop

A quick and easy way to reference this NPM package in an F# file is to insert the following couple of lines:

open Fable.Core.JsInterop
importAll "bulma/bulma.sass"

You can use this approach for any NPM package.

b. Using Sass
  1. Add a Sass stylesheet to your project using this recipe.
  2. Add the following line to your Sass file to bring in Bulma
    @import "~bulma/bulma.sass"