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News and Announcements


23th June - SAFE v4 now with .NET 6.0

Enjoy the latest version of .NET runtime with newest SAFE Stack template!


28th June - SAFE v3 is Live!

After a long beta test period, we're excited to launch SAFE 3! The new template upgrades SAFE to .NET 5 compatibility, Fable 3 and the latest versions of Giraffe and Saturn. We've also introduced the use of the popular Feliz domain-specific language (DSL), upgraded all documentation and made the build process even easier to use.

We're super excited about this update as well as hearing about your suggestions and ideas to make it even better in the future.


22nd August - SAFE v2 Launches!

It's taken a while, but we're delighted to announce the launch of SAFE v2. The new template has been drastically slimmed down and provides a highly streamlined approach, whilst we've incorporated requested features such as testing support out of the box.

We're looking forward to building on the new template with improved documentation, a set of easy-to-follow recipes for common tasks as well as new demos, exercises and a set of new wrappers around popular JS and React libraries.


5th August

We're pleased to see that the Suave team has clarified their license and explicitly removed the dependency on the Logary package. However, our decision to remove Suave from the SAFE stack remains: Suave no longer forms a part of the strategic goals of the SAFE project, and our server-side focus remains on improving the experience for both Giraffe and Saturn.

We nonetheless wish the Suave project, team and contributors the best of luck for the future.

18th June

Due to the unclear future regarding the licensing of Suave and its dependencies, the SAFE team has today made the unamimous decision to remove Suave as a recommended option on the SAFE stack. We will no longer provide guidance on integrating Suave with the SAFE stack, nor will we maintain existing capabilities for it in SAFE tooling.

Our default recommendation for SAFE stack applications is to use Saturn or Giraffe directly, running on top of Kestel on ASP.NET.

SAFE will continue to promote all libraries, frameworks and toolchains that provide clear and consistent licensing, do not aim to discriminate against specific libraries on a commercial basis and promote open discussion.