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How do I bundle my SAFE application?

When developing your SAFE application, the local runtime experience uses Vite to run the client and redirect API calls to the server on a different port. However, when you deploy your application, you'll need to run your Saturn server which will serve up statically-built client resources (HTML, JavaScript, CSS etc.).

1. Run the FAKE script

If you created your SAFE app using the recommended defaults, your application already has a FAKE script which will do the bundling for you. You can create a bundle using the following command:

dotnet run Bundle

This will build and package up both the client and server and place them into the /deploy folder at the root of the repository.

See here for more details on this build target.

Testing the bundle

  1. Navigate to the deploy folder at the root of your repository.
  2. Run the Server.exe application.
  3. Navigate in your browser to http://localhost:5000.

You should now see your SAFE application.

Further reading

See this article for more information on architectural concerns regarding the move from dev to production and bundling SAFE Stack applications.