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Remove Tailwind support

By default, a full SAFE-stack application uses Tailwind CSS for styling. You might not always want to manage your styling using Tailwind, for example because you want to use a CSS framework like Bulma. In this recipe we describe how to fully remove Tailwind

1. Remove Tailwind css classes

Tailwind uses classes to style UI elements. In src/Client, search for all occurrences of prop.className and prop.classes and remove them if they are used for Tailwind support. In a vanilla SAFE template installation, this means removing all occurrences of prop.className.

2. Uninstall NPM packages

Remove NPM packages that were installed for Tailwind using

 npm uninstall tailwindcss postcss autoprefixer

3. Remove configuration files

Remove the following files:


Your SAFE Stack app is now Tailwind-free.