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How do I upgrade from SAFE v4 to v5?

F# tools and dependencies

  1. Get the latest dotnet tools such as Fable and Fantomas into your repository.

    1. Overwrite your dotnet-tools.json file from here.
    2. Ensure tools have been downloaded to your machine with dotnet tool restore.
  2. Use our preferred F# formatting style.

    1. Overwrite your .editorconfig file from here.
  3. Migrate all dependencies to .NET 8.

    1. Overwrite your global.json file from here.

    2. Update each of your project files to target .NET 8.

    3. Upgrade all .NET dependencies to the latest versions for SAFE v5:

      1. Run dotnet paket remove Fable.React -p Client.
      2. Run dotnet paket remove Feliz.Bulma -p Client.
      3. Overwrite your paket.dependencies file from here.
      4. Overwrite your paket.lock file from here.
      5. Overwrite your Shared project's paket.references file from here.
      6. Run dotnet paket install to update the Shared project.
      7. Manually re-add any custom dependencies that you previously had in any projects (Client, Server or Shared etc.):
        1. cd into the required project.
        2. dotnet paket add <package> --keep-minor. This will download the latest version of the package you required but will not update any associated dependencies outside of their existing major version.

Javascript tools and dependencies

  1. Update all dependencies.
    1. Replace package.json with this file.
    2. Replace package-lock.json with this file.
    3. Install Node v18 or v20 and NPM v9 or v10.
    4. Re-add any NPM packages that you previously had.
  2. Migrate from webpack to vite.
    1. Delete webpack.config.js
    2. Add the src/Client/vite.config.mts file from here.

Styling configuration

  1. Install Tailwind.

    1. Run npx tailwindcss init -p in src/Client
    2. Add the src/Client/tailwind.config.js file from here.
    3. Add the src/Client/index.css file from here.
  2. Update HTML and F# code.

    1. Overwrite src/Client/index.html with this file.
    2. Add the following lines at the top of src/Client/App.fs, after the existing open declarations
      open Fable.Core.JsInterop
      importSideEffects "./index.css"

Automated tests

  1. Add the file tests/Client/vite.config.mts from here.
  2. Overwrite the tests/Client/index.html file from here.
  3. Add the file .fantomasignore from here.

Automated build

  1. In the Build.fs file replace the following lines:

    Line 27:

    - "client", dotnet [ "fable"; "-o"; "output"; "-s"; "--run"; "npm"; "run"; "build" ] clientPath ]
    + "client", dotnet [ "fable"; "-o"; "output"; "-s"; "--run"; "npx"; "vite"; "build" ] clientPath ]

    Line 35:

    - operating_system OS.Windows
    - runtime_stack Runtime.DotNet60
    + operating_system OS.Linux
    + runtime_stack (DotNet "8.0")

    Line 51:

    - "client", dotnet [ "fable"; "watch"; "-o"; "output"; "-s"; "--run"; "npm"; "run"; "start" ] clientPath ]
    + "client", dotnet [ "fable"; "watch"; "-o"; "output"; "-s"; "--run"; "npx"; "vite" ] clientPath ]

    Line 58:

    - "client", dotnet [ "fable"; "watch"; "-o"; "output"; "-s"; "--run"; "npm"; "run"; "test:live" ] clientTestsPath ]
    + "client", dotnet [ "fable"; "watch"; "-o"; "output"; "-s"; "--run"; "npx"; "vite" ] clientTestsPath ]

    Note: If you are using a template created prior to version v4.3, you may have the following string syntax for the dotnet commands and therefore the change you need to make will be slightly different.

    - "client", dotnet "fable -o output -s --run npm run build" clientPath
    + "client", dotnet "fable -o output -s --run npx vite build" clientPath

Additional resources

  1. VSCode Tailwind intellisense.
    1. Install the Tailwind CSS Intellisense extension.
    2. Create the .vscode/settings.json file from here. The regexes in this file are for Feliz style DSL, if you want to support Fable.React DSL you will need to adapt the regexes.