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The SAFE Template is a dotnet CLI template for SAFE Stack projects, designed to get you up and running as quickly as possible, with flexible options to suit your application. The template gets you up and running with the most common elements of the stack with minimal configuration options.

All template options come with a fully working end-to-end SAFE application with known-good dependencies on client (NPM) and server (NuGet), as well as a preconfigured Vite configuration file.

Using the template

Refer to the Quickstart guide to see basic guidance on how to install and use the template.

Template options

The template provides two simple modes: the standard and minimal template.

Standard Template

The standard template creates an opinionated SAFE Stack app that contains everything you'll need to start developing, testing and deploying applications into Azure.

dotnet new SAFE

Use this configuration if..

  • .. you are brand new to SAFE Stack, or F#, or software development in general, and want a "recommended" experience
  • .. you want to get up and running as quickly as possible
  • .. you are an F# developer and want an experience that uses tools that you are familiar with

Minimal Template

The minimal template is a "bare-bones" SAFE Stack app with minimal value-add features.

dotnet new SAFE -m

Use this configuration if..

  • .. you are a SAFE Stack expert and want to hand-craft your own SAFE Stack application from a minimal starting point
  • .. you are coming from a web development background and know your way around tools like NPM and Vite
  • .. you are comfortable creating your own build and packaging pipeline
  • .. you want to see "behind the magic" and get a feel for what is happening behind the scenes

At-a-glance Comparison

Feature Standard Minimal
Styling Tailwind None
Starter App Todo List None
Communication Fable Remoting Raw HTTP
.NET Package Manager Paket NuGet
Build Tooling FAKE None
Azure Integration Farmer None
Testing Support Client and Server None
Tooling VS Code Extensions, Fantomas None