Quick Start

This page provides some basic guidance on getting up and running with your first SAFE application.

Install pre-requisites

You'll need to install the following pre-requisites in order to build SAFE applications

  • The .NET Core SDK 3.0
  • FAKE (>= 5.12) installed as global tool (dotnet tool install -g fake-cli)
  • Paket installed as global tool (dotnet tool install paket --add-source https://www.myget.org/F/paket-netcore-as-tool/api/v3/index.json -g) (optional*)
  • node.js (>= 8.0)
  • yarn (>= 1.10.1) or npm

* You don't need Paket if you just want to try out SAFE. However if you need to edit NuGet dependencies you can read docs on how to get started with Paket. When installed as global tool you can invoke it via paket CLI

Install an F# code editor

You'll also want an IDE to create F# applications. We recommend one of the following great IDEs.

Create your first SAFE app

  1. Create a new directory on your machine
  2. Open a command prompt
  3. Enter dotnet new -i SAFE.Template to install the SAFE project template
  4. Enter dotnet new SAFE to create a new SAFE project
  5. Enter fake build --target run to build and run the app

Congratulations - after a short delay, you'll be presented with a basic SAFE application running in your browser! The application will by default run in "development mode", which means it automatically watches your project for changes; whenever you save a file in the client project it will refresh the browser automatically; if you save a file in the server project it will also restart the server in the background.

Take a look at the template options. There are several ways to customise the default application, such as server and client/server communication technologies.


Still have issues getting started? Check out the troubleshooting page.