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Why SAFE Stack?

SAFE Stack allows you to quickly develop compelling web applications that use industry-standard technologies whilst using F# to ensure an enjoyable development experience.


Develop full stack web applications entirely in F#. Benefit from the power that F# and functional programming brings both on the server with .NET Core but also in the browser. Share types and functions seamlessly - no more manual mapping between browser and server languages!


SAFE Stack brings not only confidence to you but a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment to your development cycle. You’ll be delighted with the ease at which you can create client-server web applications.


SAFE Stack isn’t a walled garden or closed ecosystem. It runs on top of existing ecosystems and tools including ASP .NET Core, .NET Core, Webpack, React and NPM. Using SAFE Stack means you can continue to use the libraries and tools that you already know and love, but still take advantage of the extra benefits that F# brings to the table!

A Safe Bet

F# levels up the safety of your system without making you write reams of code. Gain more confidence that your code does what you expect it to do, with no dynamic typing required for the browser. And the SAFE Stack runs on trusted platforms such as ASP .NET, .NET Core, NPM and Webpack - popular, high-performance and reliable platforms with millions of users.


We at msu solutions GmbH are big fans of SAFE stack. For the last couple of years we were already using F# open source technologies for web and mobile projects. Tools like the Fable compiler and elmish are rock solid and a pleasure to work with.
MSU Solutions
It just works! The docs are very detailed and helpful. I got the template up and running on a public URL on Azure within one hour. Without any issues. Even though I am new to dotnet core and Azure.
Goswin Rothenthal
SAFE was the perfect place to start our biological design and data management platform. I would start with SAFE again in a heartbeat for a new project. We shared some of our experiences at Open F# 2018.
I find safe stack recipes have so much value. They are concise and solve one problem only and are composable. Thank you! Please keep on doing it.
Leko Thomas
The F# community have created, and made very accessible, a fantastic set of tools that allow you to write F# end to end on the web and in a way that embraces the existing world.
James Randall
The F# SAFE stack documentation is incredibly well done. One of the best features is the learning resources page that includes GitHub repos of example projects. I really appreciate the effort that went in to this!
Jake Witcher
I never did CS, I did medicine, but this SAFE stack enables me to create full backend to frontend web apps in a matter of weeks!!
Casper Bollen

SAFE Search

A property search demo built entirely with SAFE

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