What is SAFE?

SAFE is an application development stack that brings several technologies together into a single, coherent stack for type-safe, flexible, web-enabled applications that can be written almost entirely in F#.

  • Functional first

    Make use of F# throughout your application stack. No need to compromise by shoehorning your design into an OO framework - make use of functional-first constructs and ideas throughout your codebase in F#, even in the browser! Start taking advantage of F# features such as type providers, rich domain modelling and a safer type system today.

  • Skill reuse

    Reuse your team's server-side development skills across the entire application stack. There's no need to become a Javascript or CSS expert - with tools and libraries such as Fable, Elmish and Fulma, you can create compelling, mobile-friendly web applications today.

  • Code sharing

    Seamlessly share F# between client and server. Create domain models that exist on client and server without having to worry about serialization, or create validation logic that can run in both browser and server - no need for expensive round trips for validation in the browser.

  • Rapid development cycle

    Get results - fast. With full support for .NET Core, including flexible cross platform templates, and cutting-edge features like hot module reloading and shared code you can start creating full-blown applications quicker than ever before.