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How do I import a JavaScript module?

Sometimes you need to use a JS library directly, instead of using it through a wrapper library that makes it easy to use from F# code. In this case you need to import a module from the library.

We will use the react module from the React NPM package as an example here because it is always included as an NPM dependency in SAFE projects.

Importing everything from a module

In your client code, use the importAll function to import all items from a given module name.

open Fable.Core.JsInterop

let react : obj = importAll "react"

Now you can access items contained in the module using the dynamic JS interop provided by Fable. This example just prints the version of React being used.

printfn "React version: %s" react?version

Import one value from a module

To import a single value use the import function instead. You need to provide both the name of the value and the module name.

open Fable.Core.JsInterop

let reactVersion : string = import "version" "react"

Now you can use this value directly.

printfn "React version: %s" reactVersion

More information

See the Fable docs for more ways to import modules and use JavaScript from Fable.