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How do I ensure NPM and NuGet packages stay in sync?

SAFE Stack uses Fable bindings, which are NuGet packages that provide idiomatic and type-safe wrappers around native JavaScript APIs. These bindings often rely on third-party JavaScript libraries distributed via the NPM registry. This leads to the problem of keeping both the NPM package in sync with its corresponding NuGet F# wrapper. Femto is a dotnet CLI tool that solves this issue.

For in-depth information about Femto, see Introducing Femto.

1. Install Femto

Navigate to the root folder of the solution and execute the following command:

dotnet tool install femto

2. Analyse Dependencies

In the root directory, run the following:

dotnet femto ./src/Client

alternatively, you can call femto directly from ./src/Client:

cd ./src/Client
dotnet femto

This will give you a report of discrepancies between the NuGet packages and the NPM packages for the project, as well as steps to take in order to resolve them.

3. Resolve Dependencies

To sync your NPM dependencies with your NuGet dependencies, you can either manually follow the steps returned by step 2, or resolve them automatically using the following command:

dotnet femto ./src/Client --resolve


Keeping your NPM dependencies in sync with your NuGet packages is now as easy as repeating step 3. Of course, you can instead repeat the step 2 and resolve packages manually, too.