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How do I create a SAFE recipe?

Follow the following pattern and headings and the guide below.

Best practices

  1. DO focus on integration between different components in the SAFE Stack e.g. how to connect Fable apps to Saturn backend etc.
  2. DO focus on getting results quickly.
  3. DO consider both template versions e.g. make the recipe suitable for both "minimal" and "full" template options
  4. Do NOT reproduce reference documentation from "source" technologies e.g. do NOT replicate documentation from Saturn or Fable sites.
  5. DO link to reference documentation from source technologies.
  6. Do NOT create reference documentation in a recipe.
  7. DO use simple code snippets where appropriate.

How Do I < insert task here >?

Start by writing a short introduction of a few sentences. Explain what the recipe is about, and problems it solves. Which technologies does it utilise, and what are the alternatives etc.?

Remember to link the first instance of any technology to the appropriate docs elsewhere within this site, or to the homepage of the technology (or both!).

Step-by-step Guide

Write clear instructions on how to get to the desired outcome. The step-by-step instructions should be clear, short, easy to understand with possibly a use case and an example at the end if suitable.

If you have a step in this section that is relevant to some other recipe we have here in the docs, such as adding a package to a SAFE app, link it to that relevant page.