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How do I upload a file from the client?

Fable makes it quick and easy to upload files from the client.

1. Create a File

Create a file in the client project named FileUpload.fs somewhere before the Index.fs file and insert the following:

module FileUpload

open Feliz
open Fable.Core.JsInterop

2. File Event Handler

Then, add the following. The reader.onload block will be executed once we select and confirm a file to be uploaded. Read the FileReader docs to find out more.

let handleFileEvent onLoad (fileEvent:Browser.Types.Event) =
    let files:Browser.Types.FileList = !!
    if files.length > 0 then
        let reader = Browser.Dom.FileReader.Create()
        reader.onload <- (fun _ -> reader.result |> unbox |> onLoad)

3. Create the UI Element

Insert the following block of code at the end of FileUpload.fs. This function will create a UI element to be used to upload files.

let createFileUpload onLoad =
    Html.input [ 
        prop.type' "file"
        prop.label "Choose a file"
        prop.onChange (handleFileEvent onLoad)

4. Use the UI Element

Having followed all these steps, you can now use the createFileUpload function in Index.fs to create the UI element for uploading files.

FileUpload.createFileUpload (HandleFile >> dispatch)

One thing to note is that HandleFile is a case of the discriminated union type Msg that's in Index.fs.

type Msg =
    // other messages
    | HandleFile of Browser.Types.Event

let update msg model =
    match msg with
    //other messages
    | HandleFile event ->
    // do what you need with the file