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Upcoming events

Title Type Date Location Who Cost
SAFE Hackday Training Oct 6 2018 Birmingham, UK Ian Russel Free
Cloud Programming with F# Training Oct 25 2018 Berlin, Germany Compositional IT Paid
FableConf / RemmiDemmi Conference Oct 26/27 2018 Berlin, Germany Paid
F# development with SAFE Training Nov 7 2018 Vienna, Austria Lambda Factory Paid

Past events

Title Type Date Location Who Cost
SAFE Stack Workshop User Group Aug 22 2018 Bristol, UK Compositional IT Free
SAFE apps with F# web stack Conference Sep 21 2018 Gdańsk, Poland Tomasz Heimowski Free
SAFE Stack: Functional Web Programming in .NET Conference Sep 22 2018 Cambridge, UK Compositional IT Free
F# Full Stack with SAFE Training Sep 26 2018 San Francisco, USA Lambda Factory Paid